Manufacturers: Keyword Selection Tips to Help SEO

by | Feb 27, 2013

When developing new content whether it’s for your blog or website, one of your goals should be to capitalize as much as possible on maximizing your SEO. We all want to grab our fair share and by making a conscious effort to incorporate our key words in everything we do, we’ll have a better chance.

An article by Mike Murray in Content Marketing Institute caught my attention. Mike gives us some good pointers and lots of support sites (mostly free) that we can use to help increase SEO. He’s even created a short checklist for us to reference.

keyword checklist

Here are some highlights:

  • Have I overlooked any key words
  • Do key words match your business or targets?
  • New page development – make sure to incorporate your most strategic key words.
  • Review your site’s analytics to see how people are currently getting there. Are you using some of those key words in your content?
  • Are you including a call to action? Does the reader easily know what you want them to do?
  • Look at an internal link strategy that cross links between pages.
  • Plan your content with a calendar to ensure your key words/phrases are being written about on a regular basis.

Let’s all try to work smarter as we enter a new year.

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