Video: An Underused Media For Manufacturing Companies

by | Oct 17, 2012

If a picture is worth a million words, then what’s a video worth?

B-to-B marketers are finally coming to realize that video is an important marketing tool. What some don’t realize is that putting it on your website may not be the best place to house it. Video should be housed somewhere like YouTube. From a branding perspective, start your own channel on YouTube. I don’t know a manufacturer that couldn’t take advantage of this marketing tool.

Here are some interesting stats:

  • Next to Google, YouTube is the next highest used search engine.
  • YouTube has 30 million daily active users. There are 500 hours worth of video being uploaded every minute.
  • Google says that an indexed video stands a 50-time greater chance of ranking on the first page of search than a textual page.
  • Video rates have 400% higher engagement than a static site.

Anyone can get into the video game today. You can buy a good camera for around $300 and there is editing suite software available that almost anyone can use.

Here are just a few of the ways that video can be effectively used for B2B business challenges:

  • Boost Awareness, Visibility and Reach
  • Customer Education with Product/Service Demos and Training
  • Build Trust with Customer Testimonials/Case Studies
  • Boost Engagement (keep attention on your message)
  • Lead Generation: Drive Interest and Boost Leads
  • Change Management: Leverage Video to Persuade and Motivate
  • Call to Action: Engage Emotion – Demonstrate Value – Create  Interest – Drive Action
  • Branding: Craft a Consistent Message for a 24/7 Global Audience

So if you haven’t taken advantage of video, you should give it a try to see what kind of new activity will come your way.

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