Tips on Making Your Emails More Effective

by | Aug 15, 2012

I believe we all struggle with writing the kinds of emails that will make prospects take some sort of action. We’re careful not to sell too much or give away too much info, but where is the balance, that sweet spot that makes the difference?

I ran across an article by Ben Settle on Copyblogger that I thought was interesting, and I wanted to share some of his insights. He calls his writing style “infotainment.” It’s a way to present your content in a way that’s fun to consume but still delivers value at the same time.

I think those of us in the B-to-B space and especially the manufacturing sector are so focused on the features/benefits of what they are trying to sell that we don’t engage our target audience.

Here are three tips for us to consider:

  • Inject your personality into every email – show customers the real you; maybe even crack a joke!
  • Storytelling – stories are naturally entertaining and it’s easy to process info from them.
  • Culture references pop – work something in (where possible) about the latest craze, TV or current event.

What are you doing to get people engaged in your email campaigns?

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