What Are You Doing to Ensure Social Media will be Successful?

by | Aug 14, 2012

Social media is no different from any other marketing tool. In order for it to be successful, you need to have a specific plan with action items that can not only be attained but measured. Once you have a plan, get the C suite to buy into your goals and objectives and keep them in the loop as things move forward.

Once you get approval, make sure you integrate social media programs into your other marketing  plans. It can’t and shouldn’t stand alone.

I recently read a good article by Heidi Cohen that outlines seven social media goals. Here are some highlights:

  • Build brand awareness – a great way to engage directly with prospects.
  • Protect your reputation – you need to know what folks are saying about your brand.
  • Learn more about your customers – use social as a kind of market research.
  • Increase customers or prospects – based on your content you can engage new potentials.

What are you doing to ensure your social media program is a success?

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