What Are You Doing to Grow Your Email List of Professional Tradesmen?

I know we all know “CONTENT IS KING” and we focus on putting out good stuff. But we should be just as focused on building the list to whom we’ll be sending all this valuable info.

It’s a fact that if you have an engaged database of subscribers, you have a captive audience not only for them to read, but to share. I recently read a post on problogger.net by James Penn entitled, 10 Ways to Get More Email Subscribers For Your Blog that I thought brought home some key points.

Among them are:

  • Use multiple opt-in forms – have 3-4 in your newsletter template. The more you have, the better the chances of them signing up.
  • Offer a freebie for signing up – give them a report, industry trends or white paper for signing up.
  • Use your most popular posts – they will continue to bring in traffic.
  • Create special reports on industry issues – use already existing content to create.
  • Ask readers to join your email list – what better way to get people on board

These are some great tips. What are you doing to increase your email lists?

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