2012 Trends of Smartphones and Tablets

by | Jan 31, 2012

Mobile media is here in a BIG way. Are you incorporating it into your marketing plans for 2012?

According to eMarketer, tablet users in the USA will reach almost 90 million by 2015. By 2015, there will be almost 150 million smartphone users.

So what can you do to dip your toe into the mobile market? I’d suggest you add a mobile component to an existing program and track the results.

Add a video via a QR code in an ad or on packaging that takes them to a helpful video. Do a mobile friendly landing page where they can easily find their closest dealer or store to buy.

Try something. Monitor the results and then try something else. This is the only way to get in since the choices are so overwhelming.

Here are a few other good reasons to incorporate mobile:

Integrating mobile marketing into your overall plans helps support every phase of the purchase cycle, based on data from eMarketer via Millward Brown-Dynamic Logic.

From a marketing perspective, it’s important to understand how and where consumers use their mobile phones. As smartphone penetration continues to increase, mobile phones are no longer just for talking. In fact, according to comScore, only one out of four owners use a phone solely for voice communications.

Mobile is here to stay so you should jump in sooner than later.

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