Marketing Tips to Utilize Twitter

Twitter isn’t about you, it’s about sharing relevant information with those that follow you.

The more relevant the content, the better chance of you building your base of loyal followers. I use Twitter strictly for business, so everything I put out has something to do with issues that I think affect my followers. In turn, my hope is that they will agree that the info is useful and RT to their followers. Twitter, along with LinkedIn, are my two biggest sources of page views to my blog.

So if you use it for business, then you should have some ground rules to help you make the most out of Twitter. I recently read a post by Heidi Cohen that outlines 11 Tips to Get Your Best Results with Twitter. Among them, here are my favorites:

  • Do your research – see what people are saying about you and your brands.
  • Thanking people – for those that follow and especially for those who retweet your messages, it’s a great way to build loyalty.
  • Be that “go to” person – with the content you supply, you should be considered a thought leader and thus an “expert” in your field.
  • Integrate Twitter with your content marketing strategy – not only use Twitter to distribute your content, use Twitter slurp to augment it on your website and blog.

What are you doing to make sure you’re getting the most out of Twitter?

I recently did a post on how to How Do You Thank Someone For a Retweet and it was one of my most popular posts this year. This post also may be of interest to you.

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  1. Holdcom

    These are good tips, but I think it is also important to use Twitter to engage your target audience. Using hash-tags that pertain to your industry, product, or service will drive the people you want to your page. I also like to link to blogs or articles on my company’s site to drive more traffic to our website.

    Also- once my company started using Hootsuite we were able to reach people around the clock in different time zones and countries. I highly recommend this site for timed tweeting.

    Here’s a link to a blog on how my company uses Twitter:

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