Enhance Your Trade Show Presence by Utilizing Social Media

by | Nov 10, 2011

For most of us in the B2B space, trade shows usually take up a fair portion of your marketing budget. Are you leveraging social media in this space?

A recent post by Jeffrey Cohen from Social Media B2B highlighted 10 ways to maximize your efforts. Here are some highlights:

  • Use full URLs for social media profiles – mailers, handouts, signage. Don’t make prospects search for you.
  • Include latest topics from relevant industry groups or associations – Check LinkedIn groups or forums for the latest industry topics and share them with the group working the booth as conversation starters. A good way to break the ice and start building a relationship.
  • Put content on slideshare – Create a short, highly visible deck about new products or demos you’re doing at the show. Make sure you have key-word rich descriptions and to share them prior to the show on your social network.
  • Live blogging – If there is a keynote speaker, take notes and post before leaving the presentation.
  • Connect with show organizers – Provide them with content for their site as well as using their #hashtag during the show.
  • Conduct video interviews with customers or distributors. Subject matter can be anything from industry trends to a review of your products.

Those are some idea; what are you doing to maximize your trade show efforts?

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