How Do You Recruit Sources for Content on Your Blog?

by | Oct 4, 2011

Anyone who does a blog on a regular basis know it’s a huge commitment. I try to do three posts a week and some weeks work (clients) gets in the way. But the show must go on and constistency is something I think every blogger should aspire to. So what do you do? If you’ve read other posts about blogs on this site, you know that I’m a big proponent of doing an editorial calendar and having a list of people who could help out with content.

If you’re a manufacturer, here are some tips on identifying helpers:

  • Internal employees – Your editorial calender along with the topic categories you’ve decided to write on will help you identify possible contributors. Engineering, customer service and sales are three that come to mind.
  • Suppliers and distributors – These folks certainly understand your product and have a motivation to spread the word. Distributors and suppliers can shed light on various other issues that are closer to and are industry related.
  • Customers – They have first-hand knowledge of not only how your product solves their needs, but they can also talk about how important customer service or engineering support is.
  • Industry experts – Every industry has several “experts.”  Ask them to do a guest post on a pressing industry issue. They can offer their take on it and hopefully start a conversation on your site.
  • Magazine editors – Editors from trade publications that cover your world are in the thick of industry issues and most would be happy to share their opinion either in writing a post or being interviewed for a podcast, for instance.

Those are some ideas of who you can tap to help out with content. Who have you been asking for help?

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