Are You Using Social Media to Listen to Your Customers?

Listening to customers is not a new strategy, but today we have more options to connect and listen, especially online. Social media and digital marketing is making it easier to monitor customers to see what they are saying about you and your competitors.

Smart companies are taking advantage of every possible opportunity and making it a part of their online strategy.

A recent article in highlighted results of a recent study by Forrester Consulting measuring the success of listening and engagement initiatives.

US Marketers Who Have Seen Positive Impact from Listening and Engagement Initiatives on Select Business Metrics, June 2011 (% of respondents) 

The key here is if you listen carefully, it will help you identify issues and ultimately start engaging the customer.

What are you doing to listen to your customer base?

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  1. Kay Friedland

    I agree that a good business will use many means to acquire knowledge of the value of themselves and their product(s) to their end-user to become more successful. Otherwise, what’s the point. But use the business/trade feeds DESIGNED FOR YOUR BUSINESS, not any and every social connection site you can get your hands on because it gets you into peoples homes and personal computers is appropriate. EG. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, other social to social connectors are just that. Keep the integrity of the connection sites in place….Facebook is to socially see faces, Business Feeds are to accumulate quantity of possible use or quantity of interest, LinkedIn is used to connect professional people to connect for job searches. If I wanted to see the next best “fish hook ever” I would go to a site or store personalizing in fish hooks.

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