B-to-B Marketers: Have you forgotten the basics?

The last two years for most of us in the B-to-B space hasn’t been much fun. Budgets cut, every move or project had to be justified seven different ways. When leads came in, ALL were followed. We ran a tight ship. Today, business is beginning to improve, budgets are increasing, new products are being launched, and for some of us, social media has been introduced which needs our attention.

All of these are good things, right? On the surface you’d probably say yes. But reality is your staff was probably cut when the downturn happened, but your workload wasn’t. Now with the increase in activity, new product launches and the additional responsibility, you’re probably pulling out your hair!

The sad truth is you may either be executing projects in a production style to get them out the door, or not spending the time on looking at or developing a plan to close the loop when leads do come in. I understand you may be under staffed and overworked, but management will be judging you on results and the famous ROI.

So how are you dealing with this? Some of our clients are looking outside at least temporarily to support programs (which is a good thing), and others are so busy putting out fires they don’t realize as fast as one goes out, another one is lit.

Reality is most marketing departments aren’t going to get back to staffing levels pre-2009. I’d like to hear what you’re doing to stay sane and deliver a good quality product.

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  1. John Feeney

    Get a thicker skin. You know what a fair market price is. There is always somebody willing to go lower. And if you know the numbers, they are for sure giving up something, quality / service.

  2. Kimmo Linkama

    I think the primary problem is to get everything done while maintaining quality. Seriously understaffed marketing depts will have to keep this a priority. The wise decision in this situation is to farm out some of the work. It’s inevitable that a certain cost is involved, but the quantity & quality will outweigh the cost if the marketers choose their partners wisely.

    • John Sonnhalter

      Good thoughts as usual. Thanks

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