5 Reasons Why Social Media Doesn’t Work

Some people can come up with excuses for everything. Have you heard this before? I have and after asking a few questions of prospects or clients, it comes down to this:

  1. No corporate goals for how social should be integrated into the overall marketing plan – You wouldn’t initiate a PR or direct mail campaign without identifying a strategy, tactics and how it would integrate into the bigger picture.
  2. No one minding the store – They don’t have a go-to person who is responsible for the program. It doesn’t have to be a full time position (most don’t need to be), but it should be included in someone’s job description to make them accountable.
  3. Recyling content – Why would you go to the time and expense only to republish existing stuff? Remember, one of the objectives of social is to become a thought leader, not a recycle king.
  4. Building a community – You’re looking for a specific audience right? May be engineers, electricians, whatever. You need to dig a little to see where they are hanging out (forums, LinkedIn groups, etc.) and you need to start building your community. That’s the beauty of key words and phrases so you can look for like-minded people on Twitter for example.
  5. Social media isn’t free – Everyone thinks social is free. While it’s true outside start-up costs are minimal, there is human capital that needs to be spent. Realize this and make sure management knows the associated costs. One nice thing about social is it is relatively easy to measure activity.

Those are my thoughts on why social media doesn’t work. Are there other issues you’d like to add?

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  1. barthox

    “Awaiting a short term result”

    Social Media Marketing has more to do with long distance running than with 100m dash …

    I’ve read recently that companies who are getting the highest result are those who have been at it for 3 years and more …

    • tradesmeninsights

      It takes time but I haven’t heard the 3 year mark. We’ve been doing social for just over two years and about 9 months into it we started getting some inquiries and they continue to come in from around the world.Thanks for the comments

  2. Nick Stamoulis

    I think that companies make up excuses to not get involved in social media because they don’t understand it and therefore they fear it. As you mentioned, it’s necessary to have a strategy in place before getting involved. You can’t just copy what other people are doing.

  3. barthox

    Of, course, I’m not saying that results start showing only after three years, but that those who have been at it since more than 3 years get the highest return.

    I read about it here (in French) http://www.insidedaweb.com/reseaux-sociaux-web-2/etude-benefices-reseaux-sociaux-petites-entreprises/

    The Author seems to have based his article from this (in English) http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/social-media-marketing-industry-report-2011/ (But I haven’t looked at it yet …)

  4. Alan Sipe

    We have found that Social Media needs to be different that just taking your same old Trade Magazine advertisement and putting it on Facebook. Social Media needs a high COOL factor especially if your looking for the 20- 35 year old tradesperson.

  5. etude

    I think that companies make up excuses to not get involved in social media because they don’t understand it and therefore they fear it.

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