5 Tips on Improving Your Email Marketing to Professional Tradesmen

by | May 19, 2011

Email marketing is still a very good B-to-B business tactic. But like anything else, you’re always fighting for the attention of the professional tradesmen. Contractor’s inboxes are just as loaded as the rest of ours, so what do we need to do to get him to open ours?

Here are 5 tips to consider:

  1. Identify yourself – If they don’t know you, they probably won’t open it.
  2. Attention-getting subject line – Keep it short and benefit oriented.
  3. Provide relevant copy – What’s in it for me?
  4. Keep your copy focused and short – Get to the point; use bold headlines and give them a call to action.
  5. Build a good list – Use your existing customer lists but also ask your sales force for a list of its prospects and don’t be afraid to rent  a reputable list.

Those are some of my tips. What’s working for you?

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