U.S. Leads in Global Use of Mobile Barcodes

by | Mar 30, 2011

We’re all seeing more and more of these strange looking square boxes (2D codes) in ads and on billboards and packaging that connect people to mobile sites for more info.

According to 3GVision, a global pioneer and leader in mobile barcode solutions and advanced image processing technologies to fast-track consumers to the mobile Internet, the USA is leading for the first time in terms of absolute numbers of scans.

Top 10 users of mobile barcodes during Q4/2010:

1. (2) United States
2. (1) Italy
3. (3) Germany
4. (10) Hong Kong
5. (7) France
6. (15) Canada
7. (5) United Kingdom
8. (6) Netherlands
9. (4) Thailand
10. (11) South Korea
( ) – Position in Q3/2010

From Quarter 4 of 2009 to Quarter 4 of 2010, there was a +400% increase in mobile barcode scans.

Bottom line is, 2D bar codes are here and they are not going away. What are you doing to capitalize on them?
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