What is your Level of Participation in Social Media?

by | Jan 6, 2011

Each of us are at different stages in the social media process. Some are in “denial” while others have drank the “kool aid” and have jumped in with both feet. If you’re a serious marketer though, and represent a brand or company, you really need to get on the bus.

A recent benchmark study on social media from Ketchum and Fedex found that 100% of those surveyed had some kind of social presence. 94% hoped to increase awareness and interactions with consumers.

The thing I found interesting is different levels of engagement. 75% participated while 10% wanted to be leaders and 15% just wanted to be observers.

Level of Social Media Engagement Among Companies Worldwide, Oct 2010 (% of respondents)

This, in my mind, tells me there is a whole lot of room at the top for leadership and that folks should be moving in that direction. By integrating social media into a bigger marketing plan, they can leverage social media.

Common goals among participants were:

  • word of mouth advocacy
  • close relationships with customers
  • manage customer service
  • educate media about company related issues

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