Have You Surveyed Your Customers to See the Best Way to Get Them Info?

Maybe you should!

In the good old days when you wanted to tell a customer about a new product, you had limited delivery methods, among them a personal visit, snail mail or you gave them a call (before there was such a thing as voicemail).

Today, the list of options on disseminating info is almost endless, and the preferred method of delivery to each individual could vary by age, type of job they have, industry they are in or several other options. The point being is when was the last time you asked your customers how they would like to receive information? And better, if you have asked, did you respect their wishes?

It stands to reason, at least in my mind, that if I say I want all new product info via e-mail, and copies of invoices on paper with a copy to accounting and an electronic copy for my files, then you should try to respect their wishes.

If I deliver info the way customers want it, you stand a better chance of them doing something with it and at the same time, you’re making it easy for them to business with you (a novel idea).

That’s why I’m suggesting if you haven’t done a survey to customers, you should. It could be a part of a bigger customer service survey so you can get more valuable info on your clients’ profile. The results may surprise you. E-mail programs like Emma and Constant Contact have survey modules built in. This info should be put into your CRM program so you are able to deliver by their preferred method.

I’m curious how many of you have done customer surveys on a regular basis to collect data like this?


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  1. Joe

    Always a great idea. In addition to finding out which media your customers use/prefer, you are also (1) letting customers know that you care about them and value their preferences, and (2) giving customers the impression that you are somewhat of a media expert while suggesting fluency in many media types — online, offline, etc. All good.

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