Social Media Catching On In The B-to-B Markets

by | Jun 29, 2010

B-to-B marketers are slowly catching up with the rest of the world regarding social media. They are finally seeing that there are opportunities to generate leads and position themselves as thought leaders according to a new report from, B2B Social Media Marketing Heats Up.

Most B-to-B companies have longer selling cycles and more complicated messages to convey and that’s why they are spending more time and money on podcasts and blogs. 2010 activities also include creating a branded profile page, managing promotion and PR outreach within the social networks.

Marketing on social networking sites are estimated to grow 43% in 2010. Forrester Research predicts that B-to-B firms will spend 54 million on social media marketing by 2014.

Change in Interactive Marketing Spending for Select Tactics in  2010 Among US B2B Marketers (% change)

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