Follow Companies on LinkedIn: Keep Tabs on Your Competitors or Customers

by | May 4, 2010

LinkedIn has a new tool, “Follow Company,” which, like it says, lets you follow companies. What a great way to get current activity levels at your customers or competitors. Learn what the latest competitive promo is or what the customers are talking about.

It’s simple to use.

  • You can either go the search box at the top right and scroll down to company and enter who you want to follow. Once the company profile comes up, there will be a place for you to click the box and you’re done. To unfollow is just as easy.
  • The other option is go to a member’s profile and where it talks about who he’s working for, you can scroll  and click “Follow Company” and you’re done.

I can’t believe it took them as long as it did to put this feature up there. The “Follow Company” function has truly made LinkedIn social.


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