80% of Visitors to Your Blog are First-Timers!

by | Apr 28, 2010

Those of us who have been blogging for sometime may be under the assumption that once someone finds our blog they become a groupie and read every one of our posts. Well, here’s a wake up call.

Would you believe that 80% of the people who come to your site are first-timers?

This is true for most bloggers. Even the big boys like Jay Baer and Jason Falls have 65% plus who come to their sites for the first time. Jay Baer wrote a recent post, 5 Ways to Make Friends with Strangers on your Blog, where he outlines his suggestions on how to capitalize on your blog.

This comes from new research from Compendium Blogware (I recently attended a webinar from them) that shows that for more than two-thirds of corporate blogs, new visitors comprise more than 80% of blog traffic. So once your ego gets over the fact that the number of groupies following may not be as large as you thought, what do you plan on doing?

I’m a believer that the glass is half full and that this provides all of us with an opportunity to convert those first-timers to regulars. Here are some things you should consider doing:

  • Make your site easy to navigate – 80-95% of all clicks to your blog are organic which means they didn’t come directly to your URL.
  • Make sure your blog is focused – so the new reader can easily identify what it is you are focusing on and make it personal (put up your photo).
  • Keep talking about your key ideas over and over – Just because you wrote something last week, it doesn’t mean they see it especially with 80% plus being first-timers.
  • Keep them on your site by referring them back to other posts you have written on the same subject – this helps you build thought leadership quickly.
  • Make it easy to subscribe to your RSS feed – if they like what they’ve read, make it easy for them to read you regularly.

These are my thoughts. Do you have any to add?

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