The Changing World of the Plant Engineer – Part 2

This is the second part of a two-part article on the plant engineer. Here’s a link to the first part (Part 1). For those of you who are targeting the plant engineering function, you should read a new study that was just released in April from Plant Engineering magazine, called, “The Changing World of the Plant Engineer.” From the study, you’ll gain insight on the changing role of the plant engineer, what they’re thinking about for 2010 and beyond. So next time you’re talking to a plant engineer, think about what’s on his mind.

The second part has to deal with 7 changes they would make about the manufacturing operation:

  1. Decrease Outsourcing/Keep Manufacturing in this Country – They want to not only keep what’s left of manufacturing in this country, but want to bring back what’s offshore. They don’t believe this country can survive as a consumer society.
  2. Increase/Improve Automation – Replace aging equipment with automated machines with vision inspection to reduce costs and improve productivity.
  3. Educate/Train Employees – More operator training and involvement in predictive/preventative maintenance. Training of future techicans and engineers. Keep up-to-date on new technology.
  4. Aging Equipment/Facilities – Invest in systems that would help reduce costs and improve quality.
  5. Decrease Regulations – Reduce tight environmental and OSHA Regulations. This will help level the playing field with China.
  6. More Efficient/Lean – Increase improvement and LEAN culture for all employees.
  7. Tax Incentive/Tariffs – Make the playing field level so we can compete. There should be tax breaks for companies that keep their manufacturing here in the States.

These are interesting insights as to what’s on their minds.


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