Search Marketing Must Be Working For Small Businesses

by | Jan 21, 2010

Small businesses must have been listening when it came to PSEO. According to data from WebVisible, search advertising has sharply increased in Q3 of ’09. According to a recent post on, small business search spending by smaller companies was up 91% year over year. The average number of key words purchased was also up.

Average US Small Business Search Advertising Spending and Number of Keywords Used in Campaign, Q3 2008-Q3 2009

Other highlights from the study showed spending shifts among the key search engines with Google losing about 5% and Bing gaining almost 3%. Bing brought the small business owner the highest click through rates than any search engine. (Not a bad stat since they’ve only been around since June of this year.) Most click throughs went to the advertiser’s Web site and the fastest growing conversion action was video viewing.

Vertical Response cites that 45% of small businesses planned to up their spending next year.

So what are your plans?


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