Where Are Your Prospects In The B to B Sales Cycle?

by | Jan 13, 2010

In an ideal world, every lead from every source would be waiting to hear from you so they can place an order. Please pinch yourself and wake up, this only happens in dreams! People respond for different reasons and it’s marketing’s job to sort out the wheat from the chaff in the lead generating process.

So many programs fail  because the leads sent out to the sales force haven’t been qualified. The guys in the field are hunters and gatherers, and if someone isn’t ready to buy, then they are put in the dead file. Just because they aren’t ready to buy today doesn’t mean that they aren’t a prospect.

There are different stages in the selling cycle from awareness to loyalty and advocacy. Each stage requires a different message in order to move them up the development ladder. If you can identify what stage a lead is in, marketing can nurture leads along until they are ready to buy.


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