Social Media Isn’t A Silver Bullet

by | Dec 22, 2009

Social media is obviously the hottest topic in most marketing circles today. You have people on both sides of the fence (some who will never use it and some who say it’s the savior of marketing as we know it). Unfortunately, both of these opinions are wrong. Too much or too little of anything isn’t good.

For those who don’t embrace or understand social media, I’d recommend you get your head out of the sand. Social isn’t going away and you’re better off understanding it and begin using it sooner than later.

For those that do embrace it and think the world will revolve around it, you should wake up and smell the coffee. When in the history of marketing and advertising have we had only one media source to get our message out?

Here’s a reality check. What are we trying to do here? Unless you work for the Government, I believe we’re ultimately trying to sell something. Let’s face it, no sales, no job! As marketers today, we’re faced with so many challenges to identify potentials and move them along the sales cycle. We need all the help we can get and we should know and understand the tools that are available and use them appropriately.

I try to use this blog to inform my audience of Manufacturers who are trying to reach the professional tradesman that they should start using social as one more tool in their marketing plans. I certainly haven’t told them to blow away the traditional ways of reaching their audience like print ads, PR and trade shows. We all can’t lose site of what our ultimate goal is…to sell something. Social can help identify potentials, but there are other tools that can nurture them through the sales process and we need to use them all!

What are your feelings on social and how it plays a role in your plans?


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