10 Ways to Engage Tradesmen

tradesmenWhen we communicate with our target audiences, whether it’s through traditional methods or the use of social media, we want to inform and hopefully engage them. It’s through the engagement process that we start a dialog with them which hopefully will turn into something more (hopefully a sale). I’ve enclosed some tips on how we successfully engage tradesmen:

  1. Make sure you identify WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) for the contractor.
  2. Make sure the message is easy to skim (bullet points, bold or italicized type, photo captions).
  3. Make sure your message is clear and expressed (understood) quickly.
  4. Offer a demo – either online or in person.
  5. Contractor testimonials – Peer reviews are more believable and hold more influence on other contractors.
  6. Offer several ways for them to easily contact you and get more info.
  7. Offer incentives or other reasons for them to respond immediately.
  8. Make it easy for them to respond – email, website form or special phone number.
  9. Back up any claim with the proper proof (or reference where they can get it).
  10. Make sure offers appeal to the different stages in their buying cycle.

These are my top 10 ways. I’m sure you have some proven ways and I’d  love to hear about them.


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  1. Marc LeVine

    What a great post! My company creates professional looking and affordable websites for all types of tradespeople and yours is a great checklist to review. Thank you for sharing.

    Marc LeVine
    Director of Social Media
    RiaEnjolie, Inc.
    www. RiaEnjolie.com

    Follow us on Twitter @RiaEnjolie

  2. Happytim

    Great post, and nice for people to recognise this. If there was anything else, speaking as a tradesperson it would be to offer extended or different opening hours as its difficult to do anything other than work when halfway up a ladder 🙂

  3. Katie

    Great post! We have luck connecting with tradespeople through Facebook and Twitter as well, where you can be more conversational and easy to approach. Thanks for sharing these tips!

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