Manufacturing Pros Look to Generate Leads

by | Oct 27, 2009

lead generationThis probably doesn’t come as a surprise to most, but most Industrial Marketing budgets have been cut this year. It’s also no surprise that Mar/Com departments are still charged with bringing in leads. But what I want to warn everyone about is, don’t be focused on just the number of leads (yeah, I’m assuming that they are ROI, qualified in some manner). You need to separate the suspects from the prospects from the shoppers. Shoppers are getting ready to buy, and these are the ones that need to be identified and passed on to the sales department. There is nothing wrong with the suspects or prospects, they just need to be nurtured along and up the customer development ladder. Matt Sonnhalter had an article in BtoB Magazine, pointing out that you need to make sure to look for the right decision maker.

Tough times make us focus more on ROI, but we should be doing that all along. I’ve listed several other articles that I thought might be of interest on this topic and I’d like to hear how you’re doing on your ROI.

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