Social Media Survey to Editors of Top Trade Publications is Very Enlightening

by | Jun 18, 2009

Many manufacturers are still leery about social media in a B-to-B arena. Since we deal with the professional trades, we know most of the editors very well and recently asked many of them to participate in a survey on social media. The majority of them are responsible for end user books that serve the likes of plumbers, electricians, HVACR contractors and mechanical contractors.

Here are some highlights:

Editors are using the social tools, and if for no other reason, you should be using them to communicate about your brand.

While some editors are currently writing blogs, more are anticipating doing them in the future.

Editors are looking for success stories involving social media.

Although most editors believe their audience isn’t that social savvy today (35.2%), they think that will improve dramatically in the next year (64.7%).

Here are the results:

1. Are You Using Any of the New Social Media Tools?

LinkedIn – 88.2%

Facebook – 64.7%

Twitter – 35.2%

Blogs – 29.4%

Online Forums – 23.5%

2. Do You or Another Editor on Your Staff Write a Blog for Your Publication?

Yes – 35.2%

No – 64.7%

3. If no to Question #2, are you planning on Doing a Blog for Your Publication?

Yes – 52.9%

No – 41.1%

4. Is Social Media and its Impact on Business on Your Editorial Radar Screen?

Yes – 76.4%

N0 – 23.5%

5. Have you Written Articles on Social Media and its Impact or Future Impact on Your Readers?

Yes – 35.2%

No – 64.7%

6. Do you Think Your Readers are Aware of Social Media as it Relates to the Business Aspects of Their Lives?

Ye s- 35.2%

No – 64.7%

7. Do you Think Your Readers will Become More Involved in Social Media in the next Year?

Yes – 64.7%

No – 41.1%

8. Do You Think Your Readers are Using any of the following Social Media Tools?

LinkedIn – 47.0%

Facebook – 41.1%

Twitter – 11.7%

Blogs – 35.2%

Online Forums – 52.9%

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