Twitter Search Benefits B-to-B Marketers

mm_twitterFor those of you who are trying to get your arms around Twitter and how to use it for your B-to-B marketing, here are a few thoughts on how you can engage tradesmen and supply them with useful info. The problem is where are they and what (or who) are they talking about. Use  “Search Twitter.”

Search Twitter is real time window into who and what your customers  and prospects are talking about. Gain insights on what their hot buttons are and then provide them answers to demonstrate your expertise.

Here’s an example: Your company sells products to professional tradesmen. You search using key words and review the posts. If there are questions pertaining to what you do, offer them a solution.

Now here’s where it gets scary. Twitter has an advanced search that’s a great tool that you could use for phrases or key words that plumbers would recognize. You can even search tweets by dates, locations, etc.

You can even write your own detailed searches. Who would have ever thought that Twitter could be used as a data mining tool. That’s the cool cool thing about compiling all that data in one place. You can slice and dice it almost any which way. It’s just another tool in the marketing tool box.

I’d like to hear how you’re using Twitter Search to help identify you targets.


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  1. Nick

    Hi John,

    Nice post.

    I think there are definitely good ways for B2B marketers to identify trends and hear the “pain points” via twitter.

    One thing I would add is that it never hurts to follow your current clients on twitter either. It’s a good/easy way to keep in the loop on what they’re working on, and it can give additional opportunities for dialog. Never a bad thing!

    Thanks John…keep up the good work.

    Nick Wassenberg
    E.G. Insight

    • tradesmeninsights

      I agree following clients helps us identify issues/areas that we might help them address from customer service to new product tweak’s.
      Thanks for the comment.

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  3. Paul Hassels Mönning

    Twitter can indeed be tapped as a source for new insights, CI (customer intelligence) & MI (market intelligence) for the B2B marketeer. We’re entering the realtime, augmented social search arena, as I put forward in my most recent blog. Comments & feedback welcome via @phasselsmonning or my blog -thank you.

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