Content is King: Make Your B-to-B Blog More Impactful

by | Apr 17, 2009

1192388679l854qeJust like in the real estate market where the mantra is location, location, location, the same holds true for social media. CONTENT IS KING. Not content for content sake, but relevant content for your target market. I try to focus most of my posts and re-posts on subjects that have some sort of relevance to reaching my target audience, the  professional tradesmen.

Chris Brogan in a recent post, Make media work for you – elements of a good online content, reminded me that there are some basic principles to follow. Here are 3 good ones:

  1. Make content relevant. Write to answer the question for the reader of  “what’s in it for me?”
  2. Make it brief. Blogs are not white papers. Make your point, give them other links that may be of interest and move on.
  3. Make it portable. One of the purposes of a blog is to share it, so make it easy, i.e RSS or e-mail.

Content is important, but don’t have the attitude, “If I build it they will come.” Create something of value and then go find the people you’re trying to reach.


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