10 Steps to Ensure a Successful Interview or Podcast for Your Blog


Other than me writing about stuff, there are ways that you can change it up and throw in some outside options about issues. The most common way is to ask someone who you know and respect to write a guest post for you and your target audience.

I have found that interviewing industry leaders, either in a Q/A format, or better yet, interviewing them for a podcast, has proven to be very beneficial and useful for our audience. Here are some steps that I use that might be helpful:

  1. Pick an appropriate topic that would be of interest to your audience.
  2. Identify an industry expert that would be willing to go on the record with an option.
  3. Focus the interview/podcast on a focused subject. General topics don’t normally do well.
  4. Get the questions to the interviewee before so they can contemplate their response.
  5. Get interviewee’s input in finalizing questions.
  6. I find that the fireside chat format (more conversational) works best.
  7. Put them at ease, especially when doing a podcast (tell them this isn’t live and if they want to re-answer a question, we can do that and edit it).
  8. Get them a copy prior to going live for final approval.
  9. Let them know when it does go live and supply them a link in case they want to promote it.
  10. Thank them. You never know when you want to reach out to them again.

Hope these ideas help.

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