B-to-B Lead Generation: Let’s Not Forget the Basics

B-to-B marketers are always trying to identify more/better qualified leads. Does it surprise anyone that social media ranked very low in this category? The traditional methods of telemarketing, event marketing, webinars, trade shows, email marketing and yes, even direct mail pull better results according to a Survey in MarketingProfs from InsideSales.com

They surveyed 423 B-to-B Sales and Marketing professionals that cited that generating and improving leads was their biggest challenge.

I think sometimes we’re all so focused on the new tools available to us to generate leads that we forget about some of the old standbys.

I have found that we usually have more success using traditional marketing tools when it comes to actually generating good qualified leads.

What are you finding out that works best for you in a B-to-B environment?

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