Are You Having Trouble Finding Time to Blog?

We’re all overworked and underpaid. Time for most of us is a resource we don’t seem to have enough of, and for those of us who write a blog, it sometimes seems even more scarce.

Time, or the lack thereof, can influence the quality of not only content, but also continuity of your post. We need to remember the reason why we’re doing a blog in the first place – generating exposure, thought leadership and potential customers.

I recently read an article by Brian Milne in ProBlogger that gives you some suggestions on finding time to write. Here are some highlights:

  • Get up early – I find this is a great way to start the day. It’s quiet and your mind is clear.
  • Write at lunch – Brown bag it and get away from the office (and all the distractions) and write a post on a nearby park bench.
  • Stay up late – This one doesn’t work for me as I’m not a night owl, but I know plenty of people who do their best work in the dark (no pun intended).
  • Utilize apps and shortcuts – use your mobile device to snap a photo and upload images. Take advantage of WordPress features to streamline posting.
  • Get some help – find others within the organization to write or go out and hire outside writers.
  • Accept guest posts – I’m sure there are like-minded people out there that you admire and respect that can give a different perspective on issues that are near and dear to you.

What are you doing to find time?

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