STAFDA Show Recap


I just returned from the STAFDA show which was held in Charlotte, NC. It was the biggest one in some years.

The show, for the most part, was upbeat, and the economic forecast for the next few years looks promising for the construction market.

I talked to several manufacturers and they seemed happy, for the most part, on the turnout for the trade show. The last day didn’t set any records, but most trade shows don’t.

In talking with several distributors and a few buying groups that were there, they confirmed that they were having great growth in 2014 and expect it to continue into 2015.

It was nice to go to a distributor/manufacturer meeting where both sides were positive. Hopefully the crystal ball will be right.

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2014 Con/Agg Show – Looks Like Construction Is On Its Way Back

Con-Agg 2014

Photo courtesy of Brennan Industries –

I recently returned from the 2014 Con/Agg Show in Vegas #CONEXPOCONAGG. As some people call it, the Disneyland for contractors. All exhibit hall, parking lots and staging lots were filled to the brim with equipment. Contractors were like kids in a candy store.

I’ve been going to that show  for several years and it’s good to see that they are getting back to pre-2008 levels. In talking with exhibitors, distributors and contractors, they all seemed upbeat on what the future holds. Let’s hope their optimism is well founded.

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