Kapro Tools Influencer Program

Kapro Tools Influencer Program

For more than 30 years, Kapro Tools had a strong reputation overseas as one of the leading manufacturers of spirit levels, laser levels, and layout tools, marking and measuring tools. Despite a strong market presence in Europe and Asia, the Israel-based company had yet to make the same kind of splash in the United States. Within the industry, Kapro had earned a reputation for adding clever and innovative features to a number of commonly used tools that not only improved their usability and functionality, but made them more visually striking when compared to similar tools on the market. While Sonnhalter experienced success in getting Kapro Tools featured in a number of key trade publications, Sonnhalter felt there needed to be an easier way to convey Kapro’s product ingenuity in a way that was more interactive and visual.

Sonnhalter noticed a significant rise in the number of nano-, micro- and macro-influencers in the professional tool markets who used Instagram as a platform for demonstrating a tool’s features and displaying how they work in real-life jobsites and workshops. Sonnhalter believed that the quickest way to grab the attention and build Kapro’s credibility amongst the many contractors, woodworkers, DIYers and other professional tradesmen on Instagram was to target key influencers within these communities that were connected to their followers and whose word would spread fast. Since this was a new program with a limited budget, Sonnhalter and Kapro were unable to pay influencers for sponsored posts, reviews, mentions, etc. Influencers could only be compensated with free products and having their profiles and content shared with Kapro’s Instagram audience.

Without the guaranteed content that comes with paid exposure, Sonnhalter worked strategically in finding and pitching influencers in the U.S. and Canada who would be willing to use Kapro products on upcoming builds and give honest opinions on the product’s features. After receiving confirmation from an influencer, Sonnhalter drafted personalized letters to accompany each package of Kapro product samples. These letters not only expressed Kapro’s appreciation for their interest, but also outlined all the key features and benefits of each product to help them better understand what makes them unique.


  • Identify, target and pitch 25 nano- and micro-influencers in the woodworking, DIY, craft and hand tool communities each month
  • Mail out at least 10 sample packages and personalized letters to influencers each month
  • Grow Kapro’s credibility, popularity and brand value within these tightknit communities
  • Increase Kapro’s number of followers across Instagram
  • Create backlog of content made by influencers for Kapro’s future social media posts
  • Have influencers leverage integral product features that may have previously been ignored by users of the product
  • Re-share posts and reviews from influencers for cross-promotional purposes and for building stronger relationships within these communities


Within the first year of Sonnhalter fully implementing Kapro’s influencer program, Kapro’s follower count had multiplied by 10. Kapro has seen a tremendous uptick in sales as a result of partnering with dozens of respected influencers with Instagram audiences ranging from 1,000-200,000 followers. Without ever paying more than the costs of shipping free products, Kapro has greatly increased its presence and credibility across many crucial online communities. By having real people share photos and videos using Kapro products on their building projects, the company was able to leverage the innovation and creativity of its tools in ways it couldn’t have achieved using more static and traditional marketing initiatives. In less than a year, the company has established a steady foothold within the industry and is now sought out almost daily by influencers of all sizes looking to try out their products.