The Future of Marketing

by | May 21, 2024

By: Kylie Stanley, PR Technician

When you put hundreds of marketing professionals together, what do you get? Content Entrepreneur Expo (CEX)! CEX is the in-person event for serious content creators interested in building and growing their content-first businesses.

Throughout the two days of CEX, the conference was filled with education on topics from AI, understanding your audience and the digital landscape. This was my first ever CEX, and the conference was a learning experience. Even though I’m not a content creator, the information is still valuable to our field of study and recognizing trends that we might want to participate in. In this blog post, I’m going to recap some of the knowledge I learned from CEX and how it affects the future of marketing.


The big takeaway from the conference was AI! Almost all the speakers mentioned AI in some capacity. From all the speeches, AI took center stage, emphasizing its transformative impact on marketing strategies. AI has truly expanded over the last couple of years and now has many sites where you can get help with writing, video editing, podcasting and more. AI is no longer a distant concept but a substantial force reshaping the marketing world. AI can empower marketers to tailor their strategies for their audience and can drive growth and engagement. I thought it was very interesting to learn how we can have a relationship with AI to benefit our businesses and streamline our work. Since AI has truly grown over the last year, I’m sure we will see even more advancements by the end of the year.


Connecting with your audience in 2024 is crucial to driving results and building a strong relationship. In 2024, adapting to your audience needs is important in achieving your goals and gaining a platform. One of the key takeaways we learned was using an audience first mindset. This mindset focuses on building your strategy around your audience while leveraging key insights and metrics. Using this strategy can increase your added value and help you build trust with your audience instead of focusing on receiving attention.

Growing your Brand

Understanding where your brand is headed and the vision you’re trying to communicate is vital in creating goals to help grow your brand. First, look at all the platforms that your audience is on and how your brand can reach them. AI and connecting with your audience like I’ve mentioned before are two ways that can help grow your brand. At CEX, I learned that businesses for tomorrow are being built today, so we need to optimize our content. One way to optimize your content is using the repurposing pipeline. With all the different platforms like Instagram, YouTube Shorts, LinkedIn and more, it’s important to repurpose your content to fit on every platform. Your audience could be different on each of these platforms, so getting the message out about your brand is important.

Attending CEX was a fun experience that exceeded my expectations. Despite not being a content creator myself, the knowledge shared at the event was valuable for understanding the evolving landscape of marketing. From how the role of AI is revolutionizing marketing strategies to audience centered approaches and growing your brand. I’m excited to take what I learned from the conference and apply them within my work.

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