Why Collecting First-Party Data is More Critical Now More Than Ever…

by | May 1, 2023

By: Kylie Stanley, Public Relations Technician

Let’s face it, third-party cookies and Ad IDs have been a crutch for advertisers over the past decade.

Well now as data restrictions tighten and tech companies (i.e., Google and Apple) make it harder for advertisers to track users, everyone is scrambling to find alternatives to using cookies.

One alternative is using your first-party data which is the data you collect on your audience based on their activity within your website, app, email services or social media.

A new study from LiveIntent and Advertiser Perceptions lists the top ways advertisers plan to grow or enhance first-party data, with the Top 3 areas being:

1) Growing email lists via newsletters

Nine in 10 advertisers see newsletters as valuable in understanding your audience. The use of growing your email list will help businesses to activate their data and fully understand their audience. Newsletters will also allow businesses to personalize their communication efforts and see who they should be targeting. Lastly, they will also help to provide first-party data and show you relevant content that businesses can use to build a connection with consumers.

2) Site/app visitation behavior

Website and app visitation can provide important behavior that can be used to track their data. When users connect to your website, the website can collect your audience details. From websites or apps, you can gain users email address, name, mobile number, location based on shipping information and behavioral data. With all this data you can easily see what audience persona or following you have and market directly towards them.

3) Social media

Social media is a vital tool in collecting your audience’s data. Your audience will most likely be using social media way more than just typical Google. Especially in this day and age, people are constantly on a social media platform throughout the day. With social media, you can directly see who your audience is and can even focus on paid media to target and get more insights. With knowing your audience, you can also look for ways to improve on social media to try and expand your first-party data.

Data is very important in knowing who your audience is and seeing who you should be marketing towards.

What’s your company doing to increase their first-party data?

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