Instagram Post Engagement Rates Remain Far Higher Than Facebook or Twitter

by | Apr 9, 2021

By Matt Sonnhalter, Vision Architect

Brand posts on Instagram had an average engagement rate in 2020 that was more than four times higher than on Facebook or Twitter. This is according to recent findings from Socialinsider, which also analyzed social media engagement benchmarks across 35 different industries.

The study looked into over 22 million posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and created a comparison between the social media performance of 2019 and 2020.

Here are the key stats for “industrial,” which is the most relevant industry for Sonnhalter’s B2T market. Brands within the Industrial category have high average engagement rates per post across the board.

Average Engagement Rate Per Post

Instagram – 1.36%

Facebook – 0.52%

Twitter – 0.08%

This confirms what Sonnhalter has seen for our clients. Instagram is by far the best performing social media platform.

Are you seeing similar success and engagement with your Instagram channel?

The study also delved into understanding frequency of postings, and what mix of photos and videos were used across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Want to read the full study?

2021 Social Media Industry Benchmarks – Know Exactly Where You Stand in Your Market


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