7 Things You Should Know When you Start Email Marketing

by | May 23, 2017

Today we have a guest post from Vincent Hill on email marketing.

Marketing is business activities that are highly associated with the buying and selling of a product or service. This includes activities that help acquire customers and maintain a good relationship with them. To achieve the goal, use several marketing tools. The marketing tools should be effective  to easily communicate with potential customers and existing supporters.

With the fast pacing technological innovations, digital marketing was introduced to further enhance the advertising, selling and delivering the products and services to people. One of the best and easiest approaches to digital marketing is the use of emails. Email marketing greatly helps in expanding and building the network. This approach allows one to share stories and start blogging to be able to enhance promotions and increase product awareness. Using this kind of approach may be challenging at first. But with proper guidance and correct knowledge on the things involve in email marketing, this marketing tool is a whole lot easier and exciting.

1. Choose type of campaigns you want to send

The most important thing in email marketing is choosing the most appropriate campaign suited for your business. Know and learn the different types of campaigns. Some of the most common campaign options include: regular campaign, plain text campaign, RSS campaign and A/B testing campaign. Each of them varies on the settings and is flexible enough to fit the needs of the user. Once you choose the email campaign, commit to it. Start gathering information such as email addresses in order to engage in communication. Also, start with email strategy that will be used in crafting the perfect promotional material. For better guidance, you can create a calendar of campaigns and activities to be transmitted for a more committed approach to email marketing.

2. Allow people to unsubscribe and change email preferences

It is important to give people their freedom to choose and decide for themselves. This includes allowing them to unsubscribe from the email thread anytime. Also, this should also allow users to change and update their email preferences. The email marketing tool you use should provide automatic amendments and set up. It should also include the subscriber’s options of choosing the contents and notifications being received which include offers, events, and even the language preferences.

3. Create powerful subject lines and preview text

Each email should have a powerful and catchy subject line as well as an appealing and informative preview text to give an immediate positive impression to the receiver. One should use interesting, relevant, and unique subject headings. The pre-header text should also bear useful, educational and/or entertaining information. This is to attract more readers and make them want to further read the email. Always remember to keep the subject lines and preview text short and concise. Other than for attention and interest, this also avoids shortening when opened on mobile.

4. Use strong calls to action for your subscribers

Your emails should include a variety of call to action buttons for better management and an increased subscriber rate. Adding these buttons will allow users easy access to other promotional newsletters and stories. Click buttons for social media accounts can provide better engagement. This will also allow easy sharing and forwarding with friends and colleagues for more network and association. Helpful tools can be added for monitoring who opened the postings and newsletters. This can come with statistical data for a more accurate data gathering and information.

5. Grow email list by offering great and unique content for emails

The email list is a very important factor for a successful email marketing strategy. It is therefore very important to grow the email list by generating new subscribers and reaching more people. Growing the email list can be done in several ways. Add sign up forms with complete instructions and explanations to websites. Offer incentives to those who sign up or subscribe to the site. Some offer email subscription as part of the product being bought or purchased.

6. Email analytics

It is important to review analytics after every email sent. This allows better monitoring of several factors and components such as opens, bounces, unsubscribe and social shares. The data gathered will help you understand the behavior towards the products and services you offer. This will also serve as a guide for possible future communications. You can also reassess interactions with various people because of email analytics.

7. Test your emails before sending

Prior to sending an email, it is important to double check all of its contents. The layout should be appealing and work well. The text should be spell checked and proof read. Images should be clear and verified. Other than the content, text and images, check the links to make sure they’re working properly. One can send test emails to different devices to know and see how it will look like. This extra level of testing will allow more confidence on the tool being used in marketing a product or a service.

Digital tools allow easy communication with the people around. They also give more interactive solutions with fewer barriers and difficulty. Email marketing, being one of the digital marketing approaches, offers the best solutions to reach possible customers and maintain good relationships with the existing ones. Other digital marketing approaches can be used as they also offer only the best and the most profitable results for the business.

Vincent Hill is an expert writer who writes on different categories like how to start a blog, content writing, blog design and much more. 

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