Run Social Media the Way Your Grandfather Ran His Business

by | Oct 27, 2016

By Rachel Kerstetter, PR Architect

social media business winHow should you run your social media? 

To answer that question, perhaps you should ask instead, “How would my grandfather have run his business?” Or at least that’s the question Mark Schaefer asked. Mark is a globally-recognized speaker, educator, business consultant, and author, and he blogs at one of the top marketing blogs of the world.

One of his recent videos, “Social media marketing lessons from my grandfather, the plumber,” dug into the attributes that made his grandfather successful in the plumbing business and how they can be applied to social media. For those of us marketing to the trades, his example is even more important.

How did Mark’s grandfather, a plumber from Pittsburgh, grow a successful business? By being human.

In the video, Mark addresses the trust and connection aspects of the business, along with customer service and so on. But the most important takeaway for me is being human. Mark reminds us that there are actual human beings behind the profile pictures on social media.

People ask me how you can even do social media for B2B. The answer is, remember that you’re still communicating with humans. Real life people. People who have wants, needs, a sense of humor and so on. No one wants to interact with a robot or nebulous brand voice. You want to work with people you know and trust, so do the folks online. They get to know and trust you as the voice of your organization.

Business is social.

Check out Mark’s video for the other lessons from his grandfather.

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