Get Your Message Across in an Ad-Blocked World

by | Oct 4, 2016

By Rachel Kerstetter, PR Architect, Sonnhalter



A recent report shared that 32% of global page views are impacted by the use of ad block and mobile sees three times the rate of ad block use than desktop.

Did you know that even some people who work in advertising block ads? Let’s face it, website ads are mostly annoying. If you’ve ever opened a webpage and had an ad start talking to you that you couldn’t turn off, you know what I mean. Although digital advertising has a solid place in integrated marketing programs, accompanying it with other tactics can get your message to audiences that wouldn’t be reached otherwise – those who use ad blockers.

How do you get your marketing messages past ad blockers?

You have options, and a good integrated program would take advantage of all of them. Your options are:

Public relations.

A combination of a robust press release program and effective media relations will help you get in front of people in online editorial… which is the content that people came to the page, and in some cases paid, to read.

Social media.

You likely have a presence on social media, where you post regular updates and engage with your fans and followers. So how do you expand outside of that finite audience and reach new people without ads? Sponsored content. Take your key initiatives or most engaged with content and sponsor it. Across social media sites you can customize the type of audience who will see your content in their feeds without already following you.

Sponsored content.

Also known as branded journalism or advertorial content, these things pass through the ad block barrier. The key is to offer truly valuable content that helps your target audience do their jobs better and captures their contact information in order for you to stay in touch with them directly.

These options require your commitment to quality content and actual information, which reaches beyond showcasing a product and your tagline. People who use ad blockers to streamline their online experiences are looking to the web for resources, not advertising. Why can’t their resource be you?

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