10 Reasons to Incorporate a Consistent Press Release Program in Your Marketing Plan

by | Nov 11, 2015

By Rachel Kerstetter, PR Architect, Sonnhalter

1287_5028055-PressReleaseThe press release is possibly the most basic element of public relations and is still the most effective method of getting your organization’s news out. However, the concept of consistency is often overlooked when considering press releases.

Having a consistent press release program can provide a variety of benefits to your company.

What exactly is a consistent press release program? Often we aim to distribute an average of one press release per month for our clients; if it’s a slow news year, that could be 8-10 press releases instead. The key is consistency.

Here are 10 reasons to establish a consistent press release program:

  1. Strengthens your brand’s relationship with the media
  2. Positions your brand as a reliable source when publications need input for round-up articles
  3. Press releases can spur interview requests for more in-depth media coverage
  4. Press releases strengthen your brand
  5. Improve your search rankings
  6. Complement other marketing efforts
  7. Provide content for social media posts
  8. Reinforce your brand’s position in the industry
  9. Provide support material for other media relations efforts
  10. Get your news in front of your target audiences
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