New York City

by | Jul 22, 2015

New York City Insider’s Guide

Welcome to New York, New York (the city so nice they named it twice). Here in the Big Apple, you’ll find the biggest and best of everything. The catch is, there’s so much of everything, where do you start? Well, your friends at Sonnhalter are here to help. We’ve put together this Insider’s Guide to New York. We’ve cut through the clutter to let you know about where to go for a night on the town in the city that never sleeps.


We asked some of our Gotham friends for their recommendations on places native New Yorkers prefer. Those secret locales where the locals like to hang. Here, you’ll find everything from fine dining to fine deli. You see, at Sonnhalter, we not only like to get our hands dirty…we like to get them good and greasy too! You’ve made it here. So make sure you get out and enjoy the sights and sounds of Uptown, Downtown, all around the town. See why more than 50 million people visit New York, New York every year!



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