Continuing Education and Training: Why it is Vital for You and Your Business’ Success

by | Jun 18, 2014

Following is a guest post from Maggie Cook, Ecommerce Analyst at Lorman Education Services.

Businesses are constantly working to stay ahead of the latest trends, techniques, law changes, regulations and developments. In a world where technology is continuously evolving, there are more and more options for business professionals to stay up-to-date in this ever-changing environment. But as a business professional, do you take advantage of these opportunities? Do you find value in continuing education? Regardless of industry, seeking out some sort of further learning can prove crucial to not only your own professional development, but to your overall organization’s success.

For the majority of industries, continuing education becomes a necessity to staying up-to-date and informed on the latest techniques, trends and technologies affecting their respective fields. Additional training can also offer up the benefits of increased productivity, reducing your liabilities for errors or omissions with updated knowledge of laws and regulations, increasing morale and job satisfaction, as well as reducing employee turnover.

A number of professions simply require continuing education in order to maintain licenses or certifications. Some of these professions include engineers, architects, attorneys, paralegals, controllers, accountants, contractors, presidents, vice presidents and beyond. For some of these professions, especially those within the legal, medical and construction industries, continuing education and development is a necessity.

What Questions Should I Ask When Selecting a Company for Training?

Once you’ve realized the benefits of continuing education for your particular profession, industry and organization, what should you be looking for in a training program? Some points you may want to consider include: what continuing education credits or certifications are offered, are there programs in multiple learning formats, do they include reference materials or manuals with their programs, who are the speakers and what level of expertise do they hold.

How Can I Convince My Company Training is Necessary?

Getting buy-in from your superiors and others in your organization may be another step in the continuing education process for you and/or your organization. Review what value your training will serve the company, how will it benefit you in your specific position, how can this additional training protect the company from liability and lawsuits and finally, would a group training or company training be possible.

Lorman Education Services endorses the pursuit of lifelong learning, and seeks to serve a wide array of business professionals and industries by providing a variety of continuing education programs for credit and overall professional development.

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