Is Your B-to-B Content Effective?

by | Jun 4, 2014

I think we all struggle with understanding ways to match content with the sales process to help the prospect through the sales funnel.

I recently read an article by Paul Gustafson about mastering effective B-to-B content. His points are thought leadership, content that’s easy to consume and the ability to listen to what the customer is saying.

B-to-B audiences can be demanding and we need to help the prospect through the sales funnel. At each stage we have the appropriate content to move them down the line.


Thought leadership – you need to focus on 3 components:




Teaser content – pique the interest to refine audience, and then when you have them hooked, you can engage them with more meaningful content.

Listening and engaging – give your audience an opportunity to respond. Then listen and react. More comments mean more discussions.

Paul leaves us with a final thought:

Effective B-to-B social content starts and ends with thought leadership. The resulting social engagement can refine that voice, strengthen your future content and expand your audience base.”

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