Are You Going To Do Things Differently in 2014 With Your Blog?

When was the last time you reviewed your blog’s progress? What, you don’t have anything to review it against you say? If you’re going to take the time to blog, then let’s make sure your time and talents are being put to the best use. Well, let’s put a list of things together for you to evaluate:

  1. Goals – what were yours… thought leadership, lead generation, social media support?
  2. What content drew the most attention – look at your top posts for the year and write more around those topics.
  3. Are you maximizing your reach – is the content being utilized in all your marketing efforts including social media? Are you participating in forums and doing guest posts?
  4. Metrics – have you compared this year’s results to last year’s? Is one time of the year better or a day of the week pulling more hits?
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