Ready, Fire, Aim – What’s Your Content Marketing Strategy?

by | Feb 4, 2014

Everyone is so focused on how to tell a story or where it needs to be instead of backing up and asking some real important questions. So, let’s slow down a bit and get back to some basics. Let’s focus on:

  • Why – The first question you should ask yourself is why are you doing what you’re doing? Hopefully you have a written plan with strategy and tactics that are woven into your overall marketing plan.
  • Who – What are your targeted audiences by industry or product line?
  • What – What do we want to communicate to these targeted audiences?
  • How – Based on your audiences, how are you going to tell your story? What tactics will you use?
  • Where – Where’s the best place to reach that targeted audience – offline, online or both?

You can’t put the cart before the horse.

Sometimes we need to go back to basics.

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