Latest Trends for a Successful Email Campaign

by | Oct 30, 2013

Recently, Christopher Hosford, the East Coast Bureau Chief for BtoB Magazine, held a virtual roundtable discussion with some industry leaders about the future of email and where it’s heading. Here are some highlights from my perspective:

  • Gmail – has moved to a tabbed format that is raising issues about open and read rates.
  • Dynamic content – the wave of the future is to segment communications around real-time, behavioral-based messages.
  • Mobile has an incredible impact on how people read their emails. 43% of all emails are opened on a smart phone.
  • Automation tools are not a silver bullet – it’s the size and frequency that counts.
  • Triggered email around events, time or a behavior-based activity.
  • For B-to-B marketers, site visits or time spent on a site is more important, so you need good content to keep them coming back, especially for those in long selling cycles.

Their conclusion is that the future of email is bright because it builds on all these new ways of engagement and marketing perspectives.

You can read the entire interview here.

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