Why Are Marketers Getting Social Media Wrong?

I guess we haven’t talked about this for some time, but I’m seeing more and marketers reverting back to selling on social media platforms and complaining that social isn’t working for them. Should that surprise them?

I recently read a post by Jason Falls in Social Media Explorer that outlined Why Marketers Get Social Media Wrong. I don’t know if their management is putting pressure on them to sell more or what the problem is.

Here are a few tips from Jason’s post:

  • Understand your audience – this is social and they probably aren’t there to solve the problems of the world.
  • The audience, contrary to some opinion, is not there to buy.
  • Social should nurture your brand – talk about experiences or solution to things you’re doing and hope for engagement.

You need to understand why the audience is participating in these networks. Don’t try to measure/compare to traditional channels because they’re apples and oranges.

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