How Are You Putting Relevant Content in Front of Your Customers?

As marketers, we have two challenges: one to create great content and two to deliver it. Recent studies have indicated that email still ranked among the top outreach channels to reach buyers no matter what stage they are in the buying cycle. Studies also show that emails should be integrated into other marketing tactics as well.

So knowing the emails are a viable way to deliver the message, we should probably spend some time on the other deliverable – relevant content!

Relevant content addresses the needs of a potential customer. It gives them options to solve a problem or gives them resources for them to investigate. Relevant content draws in potential customers.

According to an article in eMarketer, content creation was still the #1 challenge for them.

So our challenge is to give the reader WOW info every time, which is no small task. You should enlist the help of others within your company that have specific expertise to help develop relevant content.

Sales, engineering and customer service are certainly three places to start. They all are talking to either existing or potential customers and can readily identify issues that need to be addressed. By addressing them, you’re becoming that thought leader which should be one of your objectives.

The key to successful engagement comes in a variety of types of content.

A golden rule is, don’t put content out for the sake of having something out there. You should be looking for relevant stuff, not quantity.

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