Are You Using B-to-B Social Forums?

by | Sep 5, 2012

Social forums are an ideal way for B-to-B companies to demonstrate their expertise and knowledge. Forums are intended for people to exchange ideas and gather info. There are several to choose from… Quora, HighTable and LinkedIn to name a few. Most of my experience has been using LinkedIn.

A recent article on Social Media Examiner by Kane Russell gives tips on using social forums in a B-to-B setting. Here are some highlights:

  • Comment from the perspective of a thought leader – answer questions and provide qualitative and quantitative supporting evidence. Acknowledge alternative solutions.
  • Respect other users – don’t argue but address disagreements using examples and data to make your point.
  • Join the conversation – respond directly and acknowledge what others have already said.
  • Be consistent and cover subject comprehensively – do this on both where you have expertise and on topics outside your business experience.
  • Add links where necessary – but make sure they are relevant.

If you haven’t participated in a forum, please expand your horizons and try. It’s a great way to learn and make new friends.

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