Are You Getting Any Leads Off Of Social Media?

B-to-B marketers are responsible for generating leads from various sources, among them today are social media. I read a report a few months ago by Pardot, a B-to-B cloud marketing automation software provider that said 42% of B-to-B marketers report zero social media leads.

I can’t believe that that high a percentage of users of social media aren’t getting any types of leads. I know some folks use social primarily for brand awareness, but for most of us, the end game (strategy) is to generate leads and eventually a sale. We target a very small market niche, and our blog alone gets 40-50,000 hits a year, many of which turn into opportunities for us.

I’d like you to take a quick poll to see if you’re getting any leads, and if so, do you know where from? Thanks, and you’ll be able to see responses from the other participants.

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  1. Terri L Maurer

    In all honesty, John, I think that prospects and jobs that I get are a combination of the various Internet/social media channels I have been using for several years. I ‘voted’ for LinkedIn because I find that to be the best social media source driving traffic to Maurer Consulting Group’s web site.

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